Rubber Sealant (Pty) Ltd. hereby warrants that its products used as a rubber coating that is applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations is free from defect. Rubber Sealant also warrants that in the unlikely event that the material does not remain watertight for a period of 13 years from the date of application that Rubber Sealant will replace the product free of charge subject to the conditions as set out below have been met.


  1. It is imperative that all instructions as set out on all Rubber Sealant’s products have been followed. These instructions are also available on the Rubber Sealant website.
  2. Any water penetration or defects must be reported, in writing immediately upon discovery to
  3. Any and all rainwater gutters and outlets must have been regularly and properly maintained.
  4. Rubber Sealant’s agents or representatives must be allowed access to inspect where the alleged defect is located.
  5. A call out fee of R850-00 (for Gauteng) cost to client is applicable and refundable if leak is due to product failure. In the event that the client is not in Gauteng a travelling and callout fee will be calculated accordingly.
  6. Repairs required due to extreme weather and foot traffic resulting in granular loss and third-party damage will be quoted for.
  7. The Rubber Sealant Representative or Agent must be allowed access to inspect the area where the alleged defective workmanship or product is located.
  8. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: In the event of proven product failure, Rubber Sealant is liable for the cost of replacing the product used free of charge. Replacement will be done on pro-rata reduction basis with 100% replacement in year one, 50% of replacement cost in year 4, etc.
  9. EXCLUSION FROM COVERAGE: Defects arising from improper maintenance, hail damage, windstorms, hurricane or other extreme acts of nature. Damage caused by structural defects, failure of any substrate components i.e. insulation materials. Damaged caused by deliberate or negligent act i.e. falling objects, fitting of solar panels, masts, excessive traffic, etc.
  10. In any event and notwithstanding anything contained in this Warranty in no circumstances shall Rubber Sealant (Pty) Ltd. be liable in contract tort (including negligence albeit a statutory duty) or otherwise however and whatever the cause thereof (i) for any increased cost or expenses or (ii) for
    any loss of profit, business, contract revenue or anticipated savings or (iii) for any special, indirect or consequential damage of any nature.
  11. This Warranty will be rendered invalid should any of the area to which the product has been applied has been affected by any act or failure to act by any parties other than Rubber Sealant (Pty) Ltd. or where the premises upon which the product has been used has itself been used for purposes which render the area upon which the product has been used unsuitable for the use of the product.
  12. Full payment for the project must have been received.